Text Box:        Human history timeline, main milestones. (Unfortunately focused only  on the occidental world)
Text Box: Philosophy, the two big schools, Idealism and Materialism. 
The history of  philosophy has been largely a struggle between two characterizations of reality: idealism and materialism. 
Text Box: Dialectics The effective way of thinking
Everything is transient and finite, existing in the medium of time . 
Everything is made out of opposing forces/opposing sides (contradictions).
Gradual changes lead to turning points, where one force overcomes the other (quantitative change leads to qualitative change).
Change moves in spirals (or helixes), not circles. (Sometimes referred to as "negation of the negation")
Text Box: Evolution and Darwinism.
One of the most  compelling and inductive theories ever. A major intellectual achievement 
Text Box: Understanding our Universe.
Cosmology and “Big Bank” theory - Newtonian physics and deterministic universe - Quantum mechanic , the kingdom of hazard. 
Text Box: Understanding our society.
Adam Smith, Malthus, Karl Marx, and  John Maynard Keynes 
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