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Text Box: Math, Astronomy and Physics  are beautiful. And my  big hobby as well.  And despite the common belief you do not need to be a mathematician to do Math. Fermat with, his famous conjectures, was lawyer and French regional prefect;
I'll write down the most beautiful, in my opinion,   proofs and  paradoxes , although I know that a lot of my purist friends will arise objections.

Kepler, the three laws of planetary motion

How is it possible to state the laws of planetary motion without telescope and without  the mathematical tools provided later by Newton?

My son Akis wrote a text with elegant proofs of the three laws and historical background. This  text was his extended essay for the IB diploma. 

                                                                              Kepler, the three laws of planetary motion (pdf)=>

Beautiful Mathematics 

Euler's Identity, The most beautiful formula ever!!!Harmonic series, Slowly but staedilt to infinite